Furniture’s formaldehyde problem: dining table and chair

Ding table and chair made by Melamine itself has little toxicity, is relatively stable, and will not be free of toxicity after curing. Whether the melamine board used to make furniture pollutes the air depends on the medium-density board or particleboard base material used in the melamine board. If the formaldehyde emission of the base material meets environmental protection standards, melamine will not aggravate the pollution of the material. The melamine board does not have any odor. The odor is produced by inferior medium density boards and coatings that contain formaldehyde and other substances in adhesives or additives. It is not possible to find boards that do not contain formaldehyde at all, but the accumulation of a variety of furniture will easily cause the formaldehyde to exceed the standard after the decoration, so after the decoration, keep ventilation for several months, and wait until the harmful gas in the air reaches the national standard before moving in.

Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

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