Protection and Maintenance of Furniture

Furniture including dining table, dining chair, sofa, pour etc, maintenance is very important. Avoid placing it in a location exposed to the sun for a long time. Do not place items that are too cold or hot, sharp or rough on the surface of the furniture, and do not use organic solvents directly on the table. Under normal circumstances, only waxing once a quarter can make the furniture look shiny and the surface will not absorb dust, making it easier to clean. If the surface of the furniture is dirty, you should first use a soft cleaner such as a feather duster to clean the surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. You can clean it with a small amount of water or detergent. The panels can be treated with “furniture care solution” periodically while keeping the inside of the cabinet clean. Hardware decoration, including dining table, dining chair, sofa, pour etc, (including gold-plated) parts only need to be lightly cleaned with a dry rag. Do not use cleaning agents containing chemical substances. Do not use acidic liquids. If there are black spots on the surface of the gold-plated parts that are difficult to remove, they can be wiped and cleaned with kerosene.

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Jane Kennedy

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