Dining Table, Office Table with Particle Board and Its Classifications

Dining table top according to the purpose: A type particle board; B type particle board

Dining table top according to the structure of the particleboard: single-layer structure particleboard; three-layer structure particleboard; gradient structure particleboard; oriented particleboard; waffle particleboard; molded particleboard.

Dining table top according to the manufacturing method: flat pressed particle board; extruded particle board. Dining table top according to the raw materials used: wood particleboard; bagasse particleboard; flax chipboard; cotton stalk particleboard; bamboo particleboard, etc.; cement particleboard; gypsum particleboard.

Dining table top according to the surface condition:

  1. Unfaced particleboard: sanded particleboard; unsanded particleboard.
  2. Facing particle board: impregnated paper facing particle board; decorative laminate facing particle board; veneer facing particle board; surface coating particle board; PVC facing particle board, etc.
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